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momoglobal flowers are meditation flowers

Everyday life is hectic and everyone is in a hurry.

According to the New York Post, an average person will check their phone every 12 minutes, burying their heads in their phone 80 times a day.

Why not take a deep breath and enjoy the natural beauty of flowers and a friendship that is made through the love of flowers?

We call it “Mediation Flowers.”

Gather with the people who love flowers all around the world. Share and discuss flowers.

Whether you are just starting a business in flowers or are already a skilled professional, our Meditation Flowers will add a new dimension.

If you are not in the business but love flowers, we assure you that you will have a fun time.

We teach classes and workshops regularly.

We welcome all levels of students.

Flowers make friendships all around the world. 


I started momoglobal flowers with the mission to bring happiness

to people's lives with flowers, 

and communicate with people of any age through teaching ikebana

and flower arrangement workshops.

Kaya Abe Magee

The founder and the principal instructor


About Kaya

Kaya Abe Magee studied fashion stylists in Tokyo.

Worked at Yohji Yamamoto in Tokyo and Paris as an international wholesale and PR. Live and work in London for the Japanese Embassy, looking after Ambassador's residents.

Holds a Master's degree in the Art of Japanese flower arrangement from Ichiyo style Ikebana School, for 10 years and is an auction committee and, Outreach program and board member of Ikebana International NYC Chapter 7.

In 2018, she continued her study at The McQueens Flower School in London to explore her own expression of flower arrangement. She completed courses in Event & Corporate Design and Wedding Floristry. 


Kaya's professional accomplishment includes:

The Metropolitan Museum of Art, the residence of the Japanese Consul General of New York, an exhibition at Kitano Hotel, a Japanese restaurant in NYC,  Coco Chanel Haute-couture with the famous Odorantes in Paris.


She freelanced with Laura Clare Design, NJ, for weddings and events for 5 years while donating her time and money to teach Ikebana to children from low-income families, seniors at nursing homes In Japan. She helps maintain gardens in Saint Francois Xavier in Paris and outside London too.


Kaya divides her time between Upstate NY Catskills, New Jersey, Manhattan, Paris, London, and Tokyo.


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