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We have included answers to some frequently asked questions. 

Don't see an answer related to your questions or need to send information to us? 

Email us at


Can I visit your farm or take a tour?

By appointment only for 30 minutes except in April, May, and June.  

Please email me who you are, why you are interested in visiting, and when you wish to visit. Please give me at least three-time slots. 

My time is limited, so I apologize in advance if I can not accommodate you.

Are you hiring?  

I am always looking for someone to help me with the farm. Please send me your resume. 

Can I volunteer?

You sure can! Please send me your contact information and let me know why you wish to volunteer.


Do you offer consultation?

No, I am still learning about farming. 

Where can I get the latest news about your classes and/or the farm?

Follow me on Instagram @momoglobalflowers

Where can I get your flowers? 

We post locations here


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