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My Farm Was Filled with Peace and Music on a Summer Day

Updated: Sep 1, 2021

A photo of a newspaper, Sullivan Life.
My event was featured in the local paper, Sullian Life.

On August 28, Saturday, we had a cloudy day here in Jeffersonville NY. The weather was pleasant. Thanks to everyone's support, my first music event, Shinrinyoku 森林浴 Summer Concert 2021, was held on my farm.

Monday Michiru, a flutist and songstress, and Sean Harkness, a guitarist, had a fantastic duo of jazzy music and set the mood to be outside in nature. My son, Luca’s college friends’ band, Flash IX, smashed to play rock music.

There was a little concern for me as if the "hay" would be cut on my land in time to have parking space for everybody, but Kurt and I worked hard to set the field ready.

Yuka, Cathrine, and Maguy helped me at the check-in desk and looked after the musicians, too. Boys helped me move heavy things, set up the tea light bags on the driveway, and set up the drinks.

We had an after-party with my new mini pizza oven. I had a learning curve on how to use it, but my neighbor came to the rescue and cook the pizza. I got some gazpacho from the local English chef/caterer, Spruce Home Goods. An organic farm, Wild Russet Farm, that I have volunteered every week donated salads. Plus, I made over 80 summer shrimp rolls! Yes, I am crazy.

I think everybody enjoyed the evening. As a small crowd of 50 people plus the band members was intimate enough. We got to catch up with friends and made some new connections, too.

I want to thank you all who helped or sent a support for this event. And I am sorry if you could not be here, but I am hoping to make this an annual event! I would like to innovate and improve each year.

Next year, I will give you plenty of notice and suggestions on where to stay locally too.

It is beautiful up here, not too far from the city with 2 hours drive.

Stay tuned for 2022!

Love, Kaya


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