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Art of Ikebana - Ichiyo Style


Ikebana means "flower arrangement" in Japanese. Flower arrangements in the manner of Ichiyo School are intended to arouse our senses differently from traditional ikebana. Each flower arrangement should give the viewer an experience with nature that is unexpected, stimulating, and profound.


Ichiyo School encourages personal interpretation. Imagination is essential when creating designs. “If flower arranging is to be truly fulfilling, it should be a reflection of oneself.”

The iemoto (Head Master), Naohiro Kasuya, specializes in combining materials through a natural balance of their weights, rather than by fastening the materials down with a kenzan or a komi. Through balancing elements, he aims to bring materials and containers together into a mutually cooperative position.


Compare to the most Western flower arrangements, ikebana way uses fewer branches, flowers, and greens. Ikebana emphasizes the space between each flower and branches. It is very simple but beautiful. If Western flower arrangement is about adding on, Ikebana is about deducting.


Ichiyo School uses a simplified and systematic method of teaching.

There are 20 lessons at each of five levels: primary, secondary, advanced, research, and instructor. Textbooks are designed to enable students to progress through these levels within a short period.


Ikebana classes at momoglobal flowers follow the Ichiyo School curriculum, and you can obtain official certification from the school.  




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