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Meditation Flowers Workshop


Held globally in: 

New York, Catskills NY, New Jersey,  London, Paris, 

and Tokyo

Our chief instructor, Kaya Abe Magee, teaches these workshops which are meant to be

"moving meditation".  In a workshop, you will learn not only an easy basic method of flower arrangement but also to focus on one thing and relax. It is like an oasis in hectic everyday life. 

The arrangement she teaches is based on Ikebana, but you get to practice self-expression. After a workshop, you get to take the finished arrangement home. 

Anyone with any level of experience is welcome. 



Upcoming Workshops


Meditation Flowers Workshop

Japan House is a new cultural home of Japan in London and a part of a global initiative led by the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs. 

It presents the very best of Japanese art, design gastronomy, innovation, and technology, and deepens your understanding of all that Japan has to offer. There are two other Japan House; in Los Angeles and Sao Paulo.

More info will be coming soon. 


Place: Japan House, Kensington, London, England

Date: fall  2022


Meditation Flowers Workshop

The workshop was a success!

We hope to return there, soon.



Place: Paris

Date: Novermber 2021


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