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Spring is just a step away

I have not write a blog for over six months.

Sorry I hate writing and my English writing is pretty bad.

When I looked back my 2022 was my first year at the biodynamic farm, it was not bad.

I contributed to my local farmers market in Jeffersonville NY, and another on in NJ, Closter farm. Both market was a good experience to me as a first year.

However, I have been think what I did wrong, what can I improve more in 2023 since last fall.

Last fall I applied early to get fund to have a green house for 2024, I hope I can get one.

The other issues was watering the flowers I am going to change my water system to over head rather than drip hoses. Drip hoses are difficult to manage when I have 150 feet long line.

I am going to specialize in Lisianthus flowers, I use to think there are old flowers. But I know at the whole sale flower company import from Japan.

Some of the varieties are so beautiful. They are like roses but the vase life is very long. Also it is easy to transport from my farm to farmers markets.

Because Lisianthus are very slow to start and takes long time to mature. I ordered the plugs again this year from Farmer Bailey. He thought the same idea as me, why don't we have the beautiful Lisianthus flowers in US ?

So see how I do this year with the Lisianthus flowers.

Also I invested to build a good soil again this year as a biodynamic flower farmer I got in early so I got some discount from Vermont compost.

Rather than add organic matter on my soil, I builded my compost during the winter, I will add that and staw and biodynamic herbs too.

Unfortunately, I did have enough fall leaves to add on the compost pile but this year, If you are getting ride of your leaves in fall please let me know. I will pick them up.

I usually picked up compost from my neigbour horse farm, cattle farm .

Also I am hoping to increase my lemon verbena tea this year and burdock (gobo) tea. I have to est-il another area and fence in the garden.

I hope I can update my blog each month.

Looking forward to the spring and I will be working back at the farm from April.

If you in the area, Come and say hello!




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